Friday, October 10, 2014


Finally! A new post. Yes, it's been a very long time. I've been all over the place, but I've also been back here in the US since the end of July.

I won't even try to recap several months' worth of activities. But there are two items I'd like to share right away. One is related to the above image. It relates to a column that's been appearing in the Saturday edition of Business Line (part of The Hindu newspaper network). I've been meaning to post this list of links FOREVER but … well … Anyway. Here they are now.

The column is a slightly fictional version of my life here. When I say "slightly" I mean that all the names are different, including places, people and the occasional animal; the events are mostly true but not all of them; and the sequence of events is not necessarily as presented.

So that's the first item. The second item is what will appear in the NEXT post, (i.e., it'll appear above this one, once I've finished posting), which is my first ever on-line web-site for displaying and selling my art-work. It's taken me a full month just to get around to posting the link! I've been working on the site for about eight weeks now. I can't explain why it's taken so long, because the web-site, FOLIO-TWIST is very well designed and easy to use. More about this when I get around to posting that link 

Meanwhile, here are links to 12 columns:

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SUKI ONLINE / 2014 / 02

26th February 2014
Aside from not updating the posts at this blog, I haven't been updating my book list either. *sigh* Here are two links that I missed posting:
The paperback edition of THREE VIRGINS is available in the US. In India, it's available in hardback online from the publisher, ZUBAAN. Flipkart features a link to the paperback edition, which is not, so far as I know, available in India.

It's had some very positive reviews. Here are three:
Namita Gokhale in OUTLOOK
Mitali Saran in TEHELKA
Akhila Krishnamurthy in the HINDU

My latest illustrated book is WE ARE DIFFERENT, available from Flipkart India and of course from its publisher, TULIKA BOOKS.

I have also recently begun a fortnightly column with The Hindu's BUSINESS LINE in their Saturday magazine, BLink. It's an interesting and well designed magazine, well worth a visit.

Here's a link to the first piece: ELSEWHERE, USA. I'll post more links as I get them.

And finally, there's been a lot of activity on the Indian indigenous comic front.

Arul Mani in the LADIES FINGER! posted a very friendly review of Penguin India's DOUBLETALK many months ago and I was too sluggish to post a link here. Thanks to Amruta Patil, who very kindly sent me the link (realising that I would never otherwise see it or find it on my own)

At the Bangalore Lit Fest that I attended in January, I was the Mediator on a panel about graphic novels -- I really would like to write about this at greater length, so I won't say more right now. In a related development, SUKI made a guest appearance in PULP QUARTERLY, a lively new publication focusing on graphic stories and story tellers.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

SUKI ONLINE / 2014 / 01

1) Okay, so it's been TWO MONTHS. I've been traveling since the 10th of December 2013. Not continuously, sure, but enough that I couldn't settle down and give Suki her space.

2) The view is of the Trishul/Nanda Devi range (it's not properly centred, so Nanda Devi is kind of cut off, on the right) and I felt breathless and blown away and all of those things -- I've seen the view before, but never this clearly, never for five days continuously, never with the sense of being In The Presence Of Snow Peak Super Stars in quite this way before. I traveled to Sitla from New Delhi with E and A (by car. A driving all the way), intending to spend the two days before and after the New Year there. I've been to Sitla a number of times before and we've always stayed with wonderful friends, at their very special, very beautiful home/estate/orchard. The peaks have always been curtained away behind mist and haze. But this time, there they were just … there.

Just there.

You want to spend the whole day looking. And that's all.

3) I got back to my little hideaway in the US last Friday, after an extremely active trip. I feel as if I spent the whole two months running around. First to Madras, then to Sitla, then very briefly to Bangalore, for only my second Lit Fest, the Times of India's Literary Carnival.

I'll post more photographs in a later post, from the Sitla trip. Not more pictures of the range (because nothing really does it justice) but of quick blinks taken from the window of the car, of village markets along the way.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

SUKI ONLINE / 2013 / #05

(Uhh. Yes. It's been two weeks. But we're back. For the moment.)